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Ebony King is a Dallas, Texas creative, with a personal mission to light, love, and lead. A woman of many talents, Ebony is known to ingeniously transform the way people approach faith and business.


She is the founder and executive director of Tabitha’s TEA Party, a non-profit organization designed to improve the quality of life for women by helping them get up, stay up, and lead by faith. Through Tabitha's TEA Party Ebony served as the Creative Director and Executive Producer of the Lonestar Emmy nominated documentary “Girl, Get Up! Rising From Dead Places.” She is also the CEO of Think King Consulting where she helps entrepreneurs, business leaders, and organizations discover their vision and design strategies to bring their visions to light.


Ebony believes that it is a virtue to be both a student and teacher. Ebony holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership with a focus on International Leadership. While writing additional literary works and training modules for women who are called to lead, Ebony is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Strategic Leadership.


Above all, Ebony is grateful for her two most rewarding roles—wife and mom. She and her husband, Pastor Chris King work together to build a legacy of love and faith for their daughters Morgan, Kristyn, Kree, and son Cruz.

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